Schools & Principals

We make it easy for our school partners. Once we work together to set key program logistics, we'll oversee all aspects of the program so that you don’t have to. All we ask is that you meet with us in February and June to review student gains.

Just a few simple steps



We will need your input as we work together to decide how many students, and from which grades, will be coached, as well as where, when, how long, and how often the coaching sessions will be and what coaching model would best serve your students.



For each student who will be participating in the program, we will need the name, date of birth and, where applicable, the most recent DRA and Aimsweb scores. We also ask that you notate any ELL or SPED students.



We will need you to schedule the following:

Student assessments: we conduct precise pre-, interim, and post-program assessments for all students, including older student peer coaches. Each assessment takes between five and 15 minutes.

Coach training: We conduct in-depth training sessions for all coaches, during which we introduce them to the program's various components, offer detailed coaching tips, and show them how to monitor student progress. This can be done in one two-hour or two one-hour sessions.

Teacher training and orientation: All teachers with students in Achieve Now will need to receive an orientation to the program, which will include training in program delivery.



We will need a respected, involved point person who will assist with program logistics; answer questions and address concerns; and represent the interests of students, coaches and teaching staff.


We will work to establish clear goals for the year, against which we can measure student progress.


To ensure clarity of purpose, we will draw up a non-binding agreement to be signed by both parties. The agreement will include all of the logistical details, scheduled events and mutual goals outlined above.



Before coaching sessions begin, we will schedule interim and post-program check-ins, during which we will review student progress and make any necessary adjustments to the instructional model.

Past & current school partners

  • Chester A. Arthur School

  • Mary McLeod Bethune Elementary

  • F. Amadee Bregy School

  • Russell Byers Charter School

  • Chester Community Charter School (Chester, PA)

  • G.W. Childs Elementary

  • Benjamin B. Comegys School

  • Cook-Wissahickon Elementary

  • Alfred Cramer College Preparatory Lab School (Camden, NJ)

  • Stephen Girard Elementary

  • Samuel Gompers School

  • J.K Gotwals Elementary (Norristown, PA)

  • Joseph J. Greenberg Elementary

  • John Hancock Demonstration Elementary

  • Andrew Jackson School

  • Eliza B. Kirkbride School

  • Alain Locke Elementary

  • General George A. McCall School

  • Alexander McClure School

  • Delaplaine McDaniel Elementary

  • General George G. Meade School

  • S. Weir Mitchell Elementary

  • Penrose Elementary

  • George W. Sharswood School

  • Isaac A. Sheppard School

  • Southwark School

  • Allen M. Stearne School

  • John H. Taggart School

  • Vare-Washington Elementary

  • Alexander Wilson School


"I would recommend Achieve Now. It’s a well-structured program that is easy for anyone to adapt to and follow. It's immersing our kids in a very intentional way of learning how to read. I can’t say enough about the coaching that Achieve Now has done for us."

—Zack Duberstein, Principal,
Vare-Washington Elementary


"My students have made significant gains in reading as evidenced by the Achieve Now mid-year assessment, DRA, and AIMSweb tests."

—First Grade Teacher


"As principals, what we all struggle with is: how can we find the time to give our students what they need on a regular, consistent basis without managing all the logistics? Achieve Now manages everything for us."

—Rauchaun DuPree, Principal,
Comegys Elementary

"This program has really benefitted my lower-achieving students who normally have a difficult time learning in a full-class setting. The one-on-one instruction allows for 100% focus on the particular student, which allows their individual needs to be met."

—First Grade Teacher


"Achieve Now has been very responsive to the global needs of our school community: teachers, students, scheduling, etc. They are very amenable to having a conversation, talking through solutions throughout the year. As we hit roadblocks or challenges, we problem-solve them together."

—Rebecca Julien, Principal,
Kirkbride Elementary