Reach and results for the 2017-18 school year


students were coached by 300 volunteers



school and community partners in the Philadelphia area



average grade level increase in reading scores

Data-driven Assessments

To track student progress over the course of the school year, we conduct precise pre-program, interim, and post-program assessments for all students (including older student peer coaches) using three different testing modules:


At the end of every academic year, the data from these tests are converted into a variety of useful analytics:

Overall grade level and decoding gains by site

Decoding gains across sites

Grade level reading gains across sites

Overall grade level and decoding gains by grade

Impressive gains

During the 2017-18 school year, in 25 hour-long coaching sessions, our students achieved the following gains:



the average increase in our student learners' ability to recognize the sounds made by letters or groups of letters and to blend those sounds into complete words.


the increase, on average, in our student learners' grade level reading scores.

Peer Coaches


the average increase in our older peer coaches' ability to recognize the sounds made by letters or groups of letters and to blend those sounds into complete words.


the increase, on average, in our older peer coaches' grade level reading scores.

We gather feedback from teachers, administration, students and volunteers through twice-yearly surveys, periodic interviews and regular meetings. 

"Achieve Now has been a positive influence on my students. It has worked well with our other instructional practices to have students increase in reading abilities. The one-on-one time benefits students, especially those who need to pay attention and need extra practice."

—Second Grade Teacher

"In class I raise my hand more and I do my work faster than before."

—Achieve Now Third Grader

"It is always rewarding to see a child flourish when he/she receives special attention and help. This particular program has consistently amazing results!"

—Volunteer Coach

"The students get another adult in their lives who encourages and supports them and who is excited to see them then they arrive. These relationships can have a profound and lasting effect on children and how they view themselves and others."

—Volunteer Coach

"I noticed in working with my student that she has become more confident in speaking and interacting with me, and working through the material. Confidence is a very important building block for academic success because you want to have students who are not afraid to raise their hand and not afraid to make a mistake. Confidence can translate into true engagement in learning."

—Volunteer Coach

"I think that by visiting different working environments, it allows students to see that they can achieve educational goals that they might not have thought possible. My student actually said that she wants to be a lawyer because she comes here."

—Volunteer Coach



"I went all the way from 'I don't know how to read' to 'I do know how to read.'”

—Achieve Now First Grader

"It helped me spell and understand more. When I was in 3rd grade, I didn't know how to spell a lot of words.  Now I want to be a teacher because [the program] helped students. It helped me understand more in school."

—Achieve Now Third Grader

"I noticed some of my students applying reading techniques in my guided reading group from Achieve Now lessons."

—Second Grade Teacher

"I’m glad that I was put in the program because now I know that I’ll know what I need for next year and for the years after that."

—Achieve Now Third Grader

"I've used information I have learned as an Achieve Now coach with my own child."

—Volunteer Coach